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CleanClan wishes to help make your environment safer and healthier everyday.

Many people around the world suffer every day from infections acquired from various sources. Our body ( especially our hands ) and surfaces are the main pathways of bacteria, germ and virus transmissions. Hence, surface and hand disinfection are therefore the most important measures to avoid and reduce the transmission of harmful germs/bacteria/viruses.

We all need to be concerned about hand and surface disinfection. We should be able to perform it correctly at the right place and at the right times.

We encourage disinfecting your hands and surfaces by using disinfectants. These should be the preferred means for routine disinfection if your hands are not visibly dirty and in the absence of soap and water.

Multi-Purpose Disinfectant (Active Ingredient : 0.1% Benzalkonium Chloride)

Non Alcohol Based Hand Disinfectant (Active Ingredient : 0.05% Banzalkonium Chloride)

Alcohol Based Hand Disinfectant (Active Ingredient : 75% Ethyl Alcohol)

Product Information

Drywall Partition Metal Framing Solution is a system that provides framing and support for building drywall partitions, Drywall partition is usualy made with gyspsum boards and durable zincalume or galvinised iron. Due to its ease of installation, it is widely used in residential buildings and offices to separate rooms or create a private area. Drywall partition is also favoured as it is light weight and does not require heavy and bulky materials like bricks to construct wall, Furthermore, it can also be customised to accommodate fire-rated, thermal insulation or acoustic insulation systems to meet the different needs. Hence, the metal framing is essential and critical in providing a reliable drywall partition system.


  • All our metal sections are made from Zincalume or Galvanised Iron which offers high protection against corrosion.
  • Highly durable - suitable for fire-rated or impact system
  • Customizable sizes for versatility

Metal Suspension System

C Channel

Z Bead

C Stud

BORAL Wetstop


BORAL Press Engraved (8mm Ceiling Tiles)


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